Evolution Manufacturing LLC

custom machining & welding from prototypes to full production runs, we do it all

About Evolution Manufacturing

Evolution Manufacturing LLC is a contract machine shop located just west of Appleton, Wisconsin. If you are looking for a manufacturing solution to your precision manufacturing process, you’ve come to the right place. We provide precision machining for a wide variety of material options; CNC plastic machining, aluminum machining, and steel machining including stainless steel. We can complete any custom machining job from single prototype machining to full production runs. We also include welding services as part of our manufacturing services. We are a shop that values every customer and their needs. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality with realistic lead times to meet your business needs.

Evolution Manufacturing LLC was established in 2018 with the philosophy that we will be a machine shop that provides both quality parts and a high level of customer service. We specialize in projects that require high quality and tough to cut materials like stainless steel.

Give your business that competitive edge and partner with us. With our manufacturing expertise we will understand your machining needs and provide the most cost effective production solution for you.



  • 2D Milling with accuracy, no matter the complexity
  • Manual Turning operations in any material
  • Threading operations of any size
  • Surface Grinding to precision


  • Mig welding for high strength weldments
  • Tig welding gives better presentation and control
  • Brazing of dissimilar metals and cast iron repair
  • Oxy-Fuel cutting for burning through thick plate


pink granite inspection plate

Pink Granite Inspection Plate

Used as a reference plane to inspect finished machined parts. Precision lapped down to 0.000050” flatness across the entire surface. Can be used to scrape machine parts in rebuilding operations.

Tray-Top Lathe

Cincinnati Tray-Top Lathe

Machine tool for creating cylindrical parts of all sizes. Manual turning of highly precise shafts, bores, threads and grooves.

Surface Grinder

Covel Surface Grinder

This machine uses an abrasive wheel to wear away small partials of material quickly and accurately. Different wheels can be changed for multiple types of material and profiles.

Bed-Type Mill with CNC Control

Acer Bed-Type Mill with Anilam 1100 CNC Control

Machine will all the same capabilities as a standard Bridgeport style mill, but with the capability of computer controlled operation. Part repeatability is greatly improved with speed and accuracy.

PowerTIG 255EXT

Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT

Highly multifunctional welder capable of welding thick and thin materials with ease. Steel, stainless and aluminum can all be welded. 120v capable for minor portable welding.